Friday, February 22, 2008

Church Sports


Last night I went to a young men's basketball game at one of our local meetinghouses. Before the game began the Athletic director for the 'other' area called everyone around for the rules.

1. No cursing - your first swear will get you ejected from the game, your second will get you banned from future church ball.
2. No yelling at the refs. they are volunteering and although they don't walk on water neither do you, so let's be understanding.

"Now let's say a prayer and have a good time!"

A prayer was said and the game began. I have known and previously held this athletic director in some esteem and he asked if I would be willing to keep records in the book (fun!). So I sat up on the stage beside this man (AD) and the scoreboard keeper.

The game started off badly for our team 3 minutes in and we were down 11-0 despite the fact that the teams appeared to be pretty evenly matched. Both had 2 players who were okay and 3 that were obviously beginners, but the other team had 8 players and we only had 5 - no subs. Both teams appear to be enjoying themselves. They even know each other, some more than others. Our team began to catch up, and I noticed that Mr. Athletic director was getting a little antsy in his seat. Then he began to mutter; similar to the muttering of folks with no one to talk to but themselves. He got a little louder "that was a foul, I can't believe they didn't call that. what are those guys doing out there? are you kidding me? WHAT! THAT WAS A FOUL!"

ref: "no foul"

AD: "Oh yeah, his head just got knocked across the room but there was no foul!"

ref:"Athletic Director - I don't want to hear anything else from you!"

AD (under his breath): "I can't believe this"

I should state 2 things here, First - our team has caught up and the score is around 19-17. Second - the person he thought had fouled his team was my son who is about a foot and a half taller than the opposing player and the other kid was ducking in anticipation of my son's arm above his head but really, I mean, it no contact had been made.


Athletic Director has gone down to the court to show the players on his team (I have since discovered that those boys are from his congregation) what they need to do to get by our boys. He also is voicing his concerns to the coach and players that the refs are calling fouls on them and not our boys he can't believe how unfair it is!

- Resume game-

AD (to me): "We won't have this again."

Me: "What are you talking about?"

AD: "Well the refs are from your area and obviously showing favoritism to your team."


Me: "AD, you can't really think that they are doing that. The refs may be from our area, but they don't know these boys. Both teams look pretty evenly matched."

AD: "No they..." "HEY WAIT! IF HE IS GOING TO DO THAT AND THEY DON'T CALL IT JUST HIT HIM!" "No way, your guys are playing dirty."

(I have seen dirty ball this was so far from it we are veering into the ridiculous here.)

One of our players who I don't think had played a game before 2 weeks ago was standing at exactly the right place at the right time and as the other team made a bad pass he took the ball and turned, deflecting the receiving player from the other team from getting the ball. It was so sweet especially since I am certain he had no idea what he had done!

AD: "Your player can't do that. He just grabbed the ball from our player"

Me: "AD, the other guy was passing it and he intercepted the ball"

My husband meantime is quietly moving our player's parent down a little farther because he is getting steamed and ready to pounce on AD.

There are 45 seconds left in the game. We are up by 2, they have the ball.


No score for their team. We have the ball back one of the 2 players on our team who knows what a backboard looks like drives back down and as he is going up for the shot they foul him. It is strategy, no big deal. He makes one of the two shots. We win by 3 points. AD is completely red in the face and puffing, muttering "We won't have this again!"

I of course BOLT from my seat and head across the court to gossip about it to someone I just saw walk in!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


about 2 years ago my sons were 12 &10 at the time. i realized that my whole life i never knew that i was grammatically incorrect to respond to the phrase "Would you behave?" by saying "I'm being have!"(long a sound in the have).

should i be embarrassed?

Monday, February 4, 2008

i hate being sick!

this morning was the first time i left my house since i went home friday at lunch!

i was feeling a little better when i woke up. not better enough to actually work out, but better enough to get in the shower. so i showered, got dressed let doug take the kids to school and made it to work by 7am! now, aunt flo decided to come for a 2nd visit within a 2 week period (hehe). but i wasn't feeling her pain until i arrived here, so i asked doug to bring me some pain pills. when he arrived i found the pills i needed in my purse. (i am sure i looked there before i called him!) now i have flo undercontrol, if only i could breathe!