Sunday, November 23, 2008

just thinking....

as we sat in church today, someone's cell phone started ringing.
i don't look anymore for fear that i might give a very non-christian vibe to the offender and for the most part i like to think that the poor person just forgot that it was in their pocket or turned on, but when this one went off a second time less than 10 minutes later i had the following thought:
our young womens group went to see 'twilight' on friday night and before the previews began, i counted 4 ads urging attendees to TURN OFF THEIR CELL PHONES! another such ad ran at the end of the previews leaving my final count at 5. how can we reverence movies (most of which tout standards that are so far removed from ours that i sometimes wonder why i give my hard earned money to the filmmakers) enough to leave the outside world behind when we can't spend more than an hour learning about our savior without making sure anyone not in attendance in our meeting might need to reach us.
i can't think of any good reason to bring a cell phone to church. if you are expecting something bad to happen - sick relative in the hospital on the brink of death? maybe you should be at the hospital by their side. what about some good news - answer to the job interview? pretty sure they know how to use voice mail (and if they don't, do you really want to work there?)
so, hopefully my rant will be forgiven, maybe if i share a quick story....
- our church has a lay ministry, which means that each of the members take turns speaking in our meetings. a couple of weeks ago, a woman (who we don't see much of) showed up to speak to us all. she stood and shared her thoughts, which may have been very uplifting and spiritually fulfilling. i wouldn't know because she couldn't be bothered, at the time, to take her bluetooth out of her ear. which meant i couldn't be bothered to stop looking for her phone number! i mean really, how great would it have been if her phone had started ringing!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gang sign of pregnant women everywhere!

New for me

So, if I imagined the perfect job it would be reading. That is it.

Nothing else (other than my family) gives me more enjoyment than sitting down with a good book and losing myself in someone else's story for a while. Even when I don't fully enjoy a book, I can never put it down until I know how the whole thing shakes out.

Recently, I needed to release a little stress - a few health issues were weighing me down and I went to the temple to try and get some answers and figure out what might help me relax. As I sat waiting for the session to begin, I had the clearest picture in my mind of a book review blog, how it would look and what I would want to share. I was even impressed that I should ask Natalie to help me with the whole thing. (she was very gracious and gave me some invaluable insights and set up help, she ROCKS!) Initially I was so nervous about it I was going to do it completely anonymously and not tell anyone about it but so what?!

If y'all don't like it help me by making some anonymous comments of constructive criticism, help me make it better. By the same token, if you do like it - visit often and tell your friends and families.

I hope you visit soon.

Oh, and a friend and I were recently talking about finding books to read so I am also going to add the component of book recommendations as well.

Here you go..................................