Monday, January 26, 2009

Now that I got THAT out of the way!

I went to Anaheim yesterday to see my sister at C.H.A. (yeah, I had no idea what the heck it meant either!) We figured out that we hadn't seen each other in almost 9 years! Can you freakin believe that?!?!? I am not happy about that but what amazed me was that it didn't feel like that long since we talk so often.

The first thing she made me do was stand in a line (this is so embarrassing). The whole thing was supposed to have begun at 2pm and when we got in line it was 2:30. After 15 or 20 minutes it happened, and we happened to be in the best position to see it! (so fully embarrassing!) Here she came...we were halfway down the row and at the beginning of the row she stopped (this is ridiculous of me, but I thought she was talking to the lady in that first booth, no, she saw a mirror and had to stop and admire her own reflection for almost a full minute). I was AMAZED at how she walked through that group of people with her body guards and didn't notice a single other person there but herself! Honestly, how can someone be so completely detached from their own environment! COMPLETELY AMAZING!

Here are the 2 things I can say about the girl:

1) She is freakin' tiny!
2) She has beautiful skin! (I would like to know how deep that layer of makeup was though)

Did I not mention who it was yet? IT IS BECAUSE I AM SOOOOO EMBARRASSED!!

paris hilton (apparently she is a fabulous paper designer now) (I could just freakin die, I am so embarrassed)

I am a Cliche

Yes, I am the 2009 Cliche that you have been hearing about on television and the radio!

I have been laid off from my job and I am returning to school full-time. As far as the job goes, I really felt it coming for about the last 4 months. To be honest if my boss hadn't sat me down 3 months ago to give me the talk about how my job was "secure" and if anyone suffered from the market downturn it would be the 2 partners I wouldn't have felt so blindsided. At my last staff meeting they told Janelle and I that they would either have to let one of us go or put us both to part time (me working 3hrs a day and her 5 and they had already calculated that I'd make more on unemployment you see where they were going) My last week at work was very uneventful (I finished the last 3 days knowing I'd be leaving) I thought that they'd have a lunch or some sort of send off, but it was a very uneventful day. This is my first time leaving a job where I didn't instigate the process and from what I was told when I left we would all still be on friendly terms and they still liked me. The Sunday following though, I realized that was not entirely accurate. Both bosses came to our ward - neither spoke to me and one wouldn't even look in my direction! (I was told that my first day not being at work he was walking around singing and happier than he had been in months!) I had to go into the office that next day and again, he immediately got on the phone and wouldn't look up when I tried to make eye contact. So, the only thing I can equate it to is a bad break up.

I am taking 14 units, today was my first day back in school and it was great! I am really trying to look at this whole thing as a blessing in disguise, which actually works for the most part. The hardest part is when I want to go out and buy dinner or take treats to a friend I am sort of short on cash (SHOCKING!) I hate being on a budget - I should say I hate being on a tight budget!