Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brutally Rebuffed

One of my favorite phrases from a great movie - Clueless

I went to check my pal's blog and see her widget showing the progression of her baby's development and was informed that I am not invited. This is the second person whose blog I would check on daily but no longer am welcome.


Cell Phone Etiquette

Call me crazy!

While I appreciate the convenience of a cell phone, I think it is a shame that we don't have an Emily Post etiquette guideline for the usage of the device. I KNOW I am not the first person to complain about it but I have had two folks in my car in the last month who have gotten calls on their cell while we were driving and actually taking the CALL instead of waiting to answer, or answering and offering to call the person back - they have held a conversation that lasted the duration of the drive!!

What did I do while these two conversations took place? I turned the radio down, so they could carry a conversation with the friends on the other end of the call and I drove these rude, ungrateful, obviously clueless acquaintances to their destination! Without uttering a word. One girl's call got cut short when the person she was speaking to got another call (she was actually offended that they took the other call!) The other actually stepped out of the car and walked off without saying 'goodbye' to me at all!

So here you have:

The New "Emily Post" (Ann Batson) Rules of Cell Phone Etiquette

1. If you receive a call from a "friend" while you are in the midst of previously made plans with another "friend", and you feel you must answer the call, choose to offer to call them back at the end of the evening.
2. When you are at a movie, sporting event, church service (of any type) or family dinner. Absolutely do not text your pals to see what they are doing. I promise that your family, friends, and church family will appreciate more having your undivided attention. (Surprisingly, you may end up enjoying yourself and actually learn something important)
3. If at all possible end your conversation before you hit the checkout at the grocery store, gas station, 7-11. NO ONE, least of all the others in line or the girl/guy behind the counter care about your date last night, most recent break up or why you and your family aren't getting along. (hint - it may have something to do with the cell phone that is permanently attached to your hand)

Anyone else want to contribute?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I just don't know.....

Maybe I do need glasses.

Last week my son and I were walking up an aisle in Costco and there was a woman at the end of the aisle who was sort of waiving her arms and being silly. I just thought she was being funny for the friends she was with until they got about 6 feet away from us and I realized she was waiving at me! I know her from the PHHS Football Boosters, I was so embarrassed that it took so long for me to realize who she was that I know I was acting like I was dazed!


Just now, I was reading an article about cautionary tale Amy Winehouse (I don't know if I'd recognize a song of hers if it played 24 hours a day - but I enjoyed the 12 days of Amy Winehouse I heard last Christmas). Anyhoo, the last sentence of the article stated that she had been taken to a London hospital after fainting at her home. Fainting Ann, not FARTING!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Golden Spoon!!

Did I talk much about the PHHS football boosters from last year?

Membership is small - but we raised some cash for the football team. This year we are getting a head start on our fundraisers and have a Golden Spoon day where we get 30% of all sales when folks bring in this coupon all day Saturday June 21st!

Come on by if you're local! It is for a good cause and the yogurt there is unbeatable!

Visit our Booster website for the flyer!

**I must add this tiny little thing**
I organized this fundraiser, but I didn't design the flyer. I really like the girl who made it but she isn't a designer. I should have just asked Doug!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Talented Friends

I should have given some earlier credit to my friend Autumn (the friend who took the V.O. class with me).

Autumn is an actor/model/photographer and she is also one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet! Her husband, Carey Scott, is an actor/director who is a childhood friend of my husband's. I think it was last year - okay 2006, Autumn was in a movie called "Hidden Secrets" directed by her husband. If you find the movie watch it! It is a good Christian movie (faith-based dramedy) with a good Christian theme. While you are watching it you will really enjoy Rhonda (Autumn) the hardest part for me is that Rhonda is so different from Autumn!

Why do I bring this up, other than to give some much deserved credit to my friends? I think we should always support entertainment that is uplifting and supportive of values that we hold dear. It happens so seldom now.

reading too much!

I should have become a book editor, or a book reviewer! Yeah that would be so much better! I can't think of a better life than being FREAKIN PAID to read books!

The absolute best parts about the Harry Potter books? The fact that there are now youth books being published that have substance, well developed characters and interesting stories. AND that I can recommend books to my children, friends children, friends and anyone else who might have the diverse reading tastes that I have without worrying that they will trip over explicit dialogue or scenes. (do still love me some Stephen King though)

I have started my second non-fiction since college The World is Flat and it is so interesting!

I love to read!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last V.O. Class

Well it actually ended two weeks ago, but I hate the way I look in the photos so much I have been hesitant to post them! But here you go....... from left to right. Jennifer, Autumn (my pal), Chris, me, Bill Griffith, Dru Scott.
I really enjoyed this class so very much, I wish I had taken it like 10 years ago!