Wednesday, January 30, 2008

over 20 years ago i joined a faith that was different from the one my family was affiliated with. it was initially a bit of a struggle but over the years, i believe that my family (even if they don't understand it) see that i am a good person, with a good family, with good morals, a belief in God.

not long after joining this church i saw a man speak to the entire church during an October general conference for the entire worldwide orgaization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. it was Gordon B. Hinkley. i was so moved by his spirit, the love that he emulated and the twinkle he had in his eye. he passed away on Sunday and was reunited with his lovely wife, i will miss the spirit that he shared with us all.

glenn beck, also a member of our faith shared his tribute to President Hinkley. i recommed viewing it and then if you are still interested in what he has to say check this video out - it is glenn and his family's journey to their faith very captivating!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prank Call from Mitt Romney's son

You gotta love your kids! This is great!

omg my bff jill!

i am soooooooo freakin' old!
i feel comfortable in the thought that my generation created the "bff" i will give credit to gen 'y' for omg, tptb, imho, dh, many others that i don't need to detail here, but friends.......
back in the ancient year of 1976 red m&ms were taken from us. ripped from our sweaty childhood hands because it was feared that they would cause cancer (red dye #2) not to be given back for almost 10 years! we had to live with yellow, orange, dark brown, light brown (yes light brown) and green hehehehehe and green m&ms meant the same thing then that they do now. i will give my generation credit for that too!
here are more wonderful tidbits:
1. i am old enough to have had black & white photos from a studio (i don't know if they were cheaper, or if color film was in short supply but all my friends had b&w baby photos too)
2. neither me nor my sisters had disposable diapers used on us. I think they may have been around when my youngest sister was born, but my mom liked to torture me (this is a whole nother story for a whole nother time)
3. when our school teachers brought tests to us they had been mimeographed not XEROXed! we used to smell them as soon as they were put on our desks (if you wanted a real good high, you volunteered to pick them up from the office, so you could smell the whole stack on the way back to class)
4. oh, and the ink on the mimeograph was blue.
5. mcdonald's and burger king were the only fast food restaurants in town and we still fought over where to go - right jennifer? stupid burger king.
6. if you bought a tootsie pop and there was a star on the wrapper, the guy at the food town (small town 7-11) would give you a free one. (i remember one summer i almost didn't have to pay for tootsie pops!)
7. there are many more (you all have gotten the emails forwards)
8. which brings me to the last thing on my list - those email forwards that tell you how you really don't love god if you don't send this one along and you dog will die if you don't send it to 20 friends in 20 minutes. i remember getting actual chain letters (google it)

red m&ms

those who remember that we lived for 10 years without red m&ms will totally feel my pain!

last night at the youth activity, i was talking to my friend justyn who is getting ready to take her nurses test after which she will go to work in the er at sharp grossmont hospital. i got very excited since one of my favorite nurses from my old job works there now and i said 'oh, have you met dan davis? i love him! he is such a nice guy and he is so sweet' blah, blah, blah......

justyn then jumps on my bandwagon 'oh yeah, he is great! he's one of those older male nurses who is always helpful and he is a flirt but he is so sweet, you know how those sweet older guys are. he is you know in his late 40's.'

yes justyn, i know he is about 5 years older than me.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

when you gotta go....

so, they are totally remodeling the office building where i work and monday was the day for the bathrooms to be torn apart. one of the building owners had arranged that we could use the restrooms at the bar across the parking lot, but that is just embarrassing!

now what is the first thing you think when you are told you can't use the bathroom?? i tried to go for as long as i could before i left for work monday morning but all i could think about was 'i've got to pee!' thankfully one of the workers walked into my office about an hour and a half after i got there to let me know that he hadn't turned the water off and i could use the bathroom if i needed to!!!! wahoo!!!

normally i use the middle stall - i don't know why except the last one has a broken door latch and the first is always like too close to the exit door whatever - anyway i walked into the middle stall and lifted the lid to find the worst! you know a clogged toilet full of poo and wadded up toilet paper! gross!! now here is the dilemma - the toilet is plugged, i can't plunge it even if i want to because there is no plunger.
but when i finish peeing in the toilet by the door, some guy is going to come in there and open that toilet and think i did that! but if i mention it he will think i did it and if i don't mention it he will think i was embarrassed and did it! but if i mention it he will think i did it...... you see where i am going with this it was a vicious circle. in the end (pun intended) i opted to let him know it wasn't me he probably thought 'yeah right' but that was the way i went.

since they had torn out the men's room they let the guys use the ladies room too and i heard one of the guys across the hall saying rather loudly 'I DIDN'T USE THAT MIDDLE ONE!'

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

for jennifer

because i love my sister even though she labors under the delusion that i am as crafty as she is and that i will be as diligent as she is about making cards.