Friday, April 25, 2008

la la la la la!

Okay, so the second v.o. class last Tuesday night was sooooo much better! First of all my friend Autumn was there wahoo! Second, the condescending girl was much nicer. Third, The condescending girl thought I was younger than her. When I asked her how old she was she said 35! Every time I think of it I want to dance around the room like I am 12. (maybe that is why people always think I am so much younger than I am, because they can't believe anyone as old as I am could behave so immaturely)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

voice over

so, i have wanted to take this voice over class ever since i heard about it when my son took a commercial acting class almost 5 years ago.

tonight was the first class, and my friend autumn was not there because she was sick which made me nervous!! there was one other girl and two guys. we were given a commercial to read in the studio behind a big microphone (a little intimidating i must say) i made the mistake of asking the other girl if she was nervous. she looked at me in a bit of a condesending way and said no why are you? i admit i said i was a little. STUPID! it only makes it worse.

she went first and to make my nerves worse the sound guy said 'i love your voice' to her and she did have a beautiful sexy husky voice. the next guy had a perfect radio voice deep smooth and even. the next guy was spot on really nice voice the kind you can imagine hearing on tv. and then there was me........ let me tell you this: no one in my entire life has ever told me that i have even a nice voice and i hate, hate, hate the way that i sound i have an uneven tone and horrible breath control. you may ask why if i hate my sound so much why would i take this class. i am doing it because it sounded fun and i really wanted something for myself that nobody i know has done before.

i hope autumn is there with me next week. it is fun, but i had no idea that the folks there with me would be so professional sounding before we ever began!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Book Signing

Tonight our family went to our first book signing! (Doug can't remember if he has been to one before)

We drove up to Clairmont Mesa to Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore to see P.J. Haarsma, author of The Softwire Virus on Orbis One and The Softwire Betrayal on Orbis. Last year when Jake was in fifth grade at Rolando Elem. this author came to talk to the kids about his book. I am sure that it was publicized beforehand, but as is his way Jake didn't tell me a thing about it like that they could buy the book and get them signed etc... However, when he got home that day we had to go to the bookstore to get this book! P.J. was such a dynamic speaker that Jake recited his whole story and we both read the book which was wonderful! More exciting was that he had created an online game tie-in with the book.

For a year we have been anxiously awaiting the publication of the second in the series and the day finally came last week when we got the second book. I found out about tonight's book signing from P.J. himself - I am quite a fan! Partially from enjoying the book, but mostly because he sparked something in my son that I thought he'd never have, an enjoyment from books. Between the first and second of the Softwire books Jake has read all of The Lord of the Rings books, all Harry Potter, and various other books.

The book signing was fun, I just so wish that we had invited more people! There were a total of 6 people there (including my family of 4 - not including the 2 employees). I think P.J. was happy to have a kid there (Jake). Can I say though that I like the guy more now because he was personable, kind and very entertaining, so much so that Kyle now wants to read the book! This guy is awesome!