Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Law & Order Moment

So as everyone knows, I got a speeding ticket in October. The nice officer says he caught me doing 16 mph over the limit. I was guilty. For speeding, not the 16 over. The lovely letter came at the end of November saying that I owed $315 to the East County by December 19th and on top of that I could pay for traffic school! (if I was eligible - which I was, since I haven't had a speeding ticket since 1989!)

Today I went to pay the fine and turn in my traffic school diploma. At the payment desk I mentioned to the kid (really, he looked younger than my 15 year old) that I was not in fact doing the full 16 mph over the limit for which the officer wrote the ticket. He let me know that 16 is the magic number which raises the charge for the ticket and asked if I wanted to talk to the judge (for crying out loud - DID I?!?!?) Off I went to the courtroom reserved for flagrant traffic violators, like me. (I should probably mention here that I sat outside the courtroom for 5 minutes before realizing that I was supposed to wait inside. It was a little embarrassing, but nobody knew - until now.) Luckily, they hadn't yet called my name. So I sat watching as folks plead guilty and not guilty for different offenses such as speeding, driving at night with no lights (that one was kind of interesting) no proof of insurance, driving on a suspended license....

Can I just insert here that my whole life I have LOVED the energy in a courtroom even this traffic court! My turn came, and I stood up and plead guilty but noted that I was not going 16 mph over the limit. The judge asked how fast I thought I was going and so I told him between 5 and 12 over. (truth be told, I don't think I was going more than 10 over, but I wasn't sure he'd buy it). He offered me traffic school (oops - already did it!) no problem just give the original certificate to the court clerk (maybe I should have made a copy - too late!) "Ms. Batson, since you have a clean record I will reduce the fine to $235. You have a nice day."

Okay, I know $235 is crazy!! My friend who got a ticket for going 16 over in San Diego only paid $189 and she didn't dispute anything! But it was reduced by $80 which was worth the hour that it took to take care of it and I got to spend a few minutes in a (traffic) courtroom, and talk to the judge.

I was tempted to go upstairs to the civil courtroom of my former professor, but 1. I wasn't sure he would remember me and 2. If he did, he wouldn't be able to chat with me, go figure.

Here is where I ended up (in my head) after my field trip:

I so wish that I could just take the freakin' LSAT on an A.S. degree and get into law school! One of the local schools used to allow that! and:

If I went to work at the courthouse just to be around the "environment" I would end up with a job in the back room, processing people's payment of fines. Not exactly the place I'd want to be.

******I DO owe a big, fat thanks to Justyn and her sister Erin (the best hair do-er in the world!) for prompting me to take the route of trying to get this lowered - IT WORKED!***************

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Traditions Tag

1. Egg nog or Hot chocolate?
Never Nog! Hot chocolate all the way!

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
Just sits them under the tree. Now that my kids are ‘older’ he wraps many of them days in advance and puts them under the tree!

3. Colored lights on a tree/house or white.
I love White lights to help all the beautiful colored ornaments stand out! (I agree with Heidi – white lights on the tree. We put colored lights on the house)

4. Do I hang mistletoe?
No, but I kind of wish I did!

5. When do I put up my decorations?

We get our tree the Monday after Thanksgiving and decorate for FHE!

6. What is my favorite holiday dish?
All of the comfort foods I grew up with that I don’t get to have anymore – sausage balls for breakfast, broccoli casserole, cornbread stuffing.

7. Favorite holiday memory as a child?
Being at my grandmother’s house one Christmas Eve with my Jorstad cousins and my older cousin Debbie kept looking out the window and was sure that she saw Rudolph’s red nose. Of course then we all saw it!

8. When and how did I learn the truth about Santa?
Same as my favorite holiday memory – Debbie’s little sister Julie told me there was no Santa because she had a price tag on her coloring book!

9. Do we open a Christmas gift on Christmas Eve?
I grew up with that tradition, and Doug kicked against it for years! Now, we open pajamas on Christmas eve.

10. How do I decorate our tree?
White lights – mostly red balls (sometimes red bows) a few ornaments for the years we have been married lots are those cutesy family ornaments with our names. And lots of stuff the kids made when they were younger.

11. Can I ice skate?
No, too chicken to try!

12. Can I remember my favorite gift?
Mrs. Beasley, I think I was like 2 when I got this (it was from a really popular tv show at the time and now I feel older than dirt!)

13. What is the most important thing about the holidays for me?
Family time and also service to others.

14. What is my favorite holiday dessert?
Banana split pie (holy cow!)

15. What is my favorite holiday tradition?
Baking with my family

16. What tops my tree?

17. What do I prefer - Giving or receiving?

18. What is my favorite Christmas song?
Carol of the Bells & Angels We have heard on High

19. Candy Canes?
Yes, especially at church.

I tag... Jennifer, Candace, Danielle, Chelsea, (Heidi already got most of my friends!) Go get it Girls!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Speeding along

Well, back in October I got a speeding ticket. I wasn't even in a hurry. I was headed home after dropping the kids off at school to meet a repairman, I had plenty of time and just as I realized that I was far ahead of the rest of the traffic and began to apply pressure to the brake pedal, I saw the cop.

I hate it when I do stupid stuff.

Anyhoodle, it was the first time in 19 years that I had been pulled over. The cop was pretty nice, and said that since the holidays were coming up he would put my ticket out a while (yeah, right). It came in the mail at the end of November and is due December 19th that $300 ticket won't interfere with the holidays at all!

So, if anyone else in the Southern California region finds themselves in need of traffic school may I recommend I have a referral code that will give you a discount XMB-E7D-M2B It was pretty fast and easy.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Turkey Bowl

Now: As everyone knows this was a pretty wet Thanksgiving. It was also kind of bittersweet.

When Kyle was young, probably 4 he wanted to have a Turkey bowl. So, we got together with our neighbors and as many other friends we could gather and had a huge time! Every Thanksgiving we had families with kids from 4 - adults and we played football and soccer most years we had families from out of town join us, sometimes people we knew would drive by and see us on the field and stop to participate. Boys and girls would play, I actually played a couple of times! Then 2 years ago it was our last Turkey bowl - our friends moved to Poway, and a tradition came to an end. Last year our family went on a cruise, so I didn't miss it as much as I thought I would and this year I missed it more than I thought I could.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Heidi's Shower!

so, i know as a photographer these pics are not (quality wise) ones to put in a portfolio but, we had a fun night!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

just thinking....

as we sat in church today, someone's cell phone started ringing.
i don't look anymore for fear that i might give a very non-christian vibe to the offender and for the most part i like to think that the poor person just forgot that it was in their pocket or turned on, but when this one went off a second time less than 10 minutes later i had the following thought:
our young womens group went to see 'twilight' on friday night and before the previews began, i counted 4 ads urging attendees to TURN OFF THEIR CELL PHONES! another such ad ran at the end of the previews leaving my final count at 5. how can we reverence movies (most of which tout standards that are so far removed from ours that i sometimes wonder why i give my hard earned money to the filmmakers) enough to leave the outside world behind when we can't spend more than an hour learning about our savior without making sure anyone not in attendance in our meeting might need to reach us.
i can't think of any good reason to bring a cell phone to church. if you are expecting something bad to happen - sick relative in the hospital on the brink of death? maybe you should be at the hospital by their side. what about some good news - answer to the job interview? pretty sure they know how to use voice mail (and if they don't, do you really want to work there?)
so, hopefully my rant will be forgiven, maybe if i share a quick story....
- our church has a lay ministry, which means that each of the members take turns speaking in our meetings. a couple of weeks ago, a woman (who we don't see much of) showed up to speak to us all. she stood and shared her thoughts, which may have been very uplifting and spiritually fulfilling. i wouldn't know because she couldn't be bothered, at the time, to take her bluetooth out of her ear. which meant i couldn't be bothered to stop looking for her phone number! i mean really, how great would it have been if her phone had started ringing!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gang sign of pregnant women everywhere!

New for me

So, if I imagined the perfect job it would be reading. That is it.

Nothing else (other than my family) gives me more enjoyment than sitting down with a good book and losing myself in someone else's story for a while. Even when I don't fully enjoy a book, I can never put it down until I know how the whole thing shakes out.

Recently, I needed to release a little stress - a few health issues were weighing me down and I went to the temple to try and get some answers and figure out what might help me relax. As I sat waiting for the session to begin, I had the clearest picture in my mind of a book review blog, how it would look and what I would want to share. I was even impressed that I should ask Natalie to help me with the whole thing. (she was very gracious and gave me some invaluable insights and set up help, she ROCKS!) Initially I was so nervous about it I was going to do it completely anonymously and not tell anyone about it but so what?!

If y'all don't like it help me by making some anonymous comments of constructive criticism, help me make it better. By the same token, if you do like it - visit often and tell your friends and families.

I hope you visit soon.

Oh, and a friend and I were recently talking about finding books to read so I am also going to add the component of book recommendations as well.

Here you go..................................


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yes on Proposition 8

For the first time in my adult life, I have a sign on my front lawn and a bumper sticker on my car proclaiming my view on Proposition 8. I was not nervous about putting the signs and stickers up, it is one more perk of living in a society where we can express our views on politics and how we want our society to operate.

I heard some folks worry that their prop 8 signs might be stolen, but we haven't had the sad experience of other San Diegans.

Our small experience happened last night at the most exciting football game I have been to (no this isn't sarcasm, it was really exciting - I'll tell you about it later)

Doug's prop 8 bumper sticker had a slight modification after the game.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The 4th of the 4th

i went to Heidi's blog and found her tag, so i took up the challenge. never been tagged before, so as she did i will do. if you see this blog, consider yourself tagged and participate.

from a year and a half ago, before i talked kyle into getting a haircut. we compared the before and afters and he did agree - he looks better with short hair!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Smells like..............

Did you know that if you place a bowl of oatmeal in the microwave, set it to cook for 14 minutes and leave the office that no one will realize what is happening until approximately 12 minutes and 32 seconds have passed?

One of the guys I work with (we'll call him Joe ;-) found that out yesterday.

When I stopped the microwave with 1 minute 28 seconds to go there was a small amount of smoke pouring out of the back of the microwave and I decided to wait until it cooled down, take it outside and let it air out somewhere that wasn't the enclosed space that is our office. Unfortunately "Joe" arrived back right then and opened the microwave up letting all of the rest of the smoke escape.

Guess what it smells like this morning? I'll put it this way, it is almost as bad as when they mix tuna for lunch!

Friday, September 12, 2008

For Katie

if anyone missed Katie Outlaw's story about taking Angelo to urgent care and hearing their neighbor behind the next curtain's humorous story i got this from the sharp grossmont er last night.

and i thought nurses were smart............

there was a bit of a flurry when a nurse walked into our curtain and said to our nurse "we need a translator this lady is from bulgaria and she won't stop crying!"

just a few seconds later we hear this:

"What Language do YOU speak?"......
"What LANGUAGE do YOU speak?"..........
"WHAT LANGUAGE do YOU speak?"..............
"WHAT LANGUAGE DO YOU SPEAK?"..................

we were laughing so hard that when i finally said "NO say it louder, she can't hear you!" i am pretty sure they heard me because we didn't see a nurse for another 2 hours!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Shear Genius Winner!

I am as honored as honored can be I must say! Even Pat Sajak would be proud of me!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, the birthday actually happened last Sunday, but it was really awesome!
I got a bunch of cool stuff that I actually asked for and one surprising thing I didn't. Anyone seen "Office Space"?
This movie is so funny! Yes it is rated "R" and I am not endorsing that, but it comes on t.v. almost every week. The red swingline stapler is a small running theme throughout the movie and a few months ago Target started carrying them and I really wanted one, but I didn't want to spend the money, but Janelle (great co-worker) got me one! The classic item I would never buy for myself but really want! The only bad thing is that no one who has walked through our office doors since I got the gift has any clue about the reference.
I wonder if I am hanging out with the right people?? ;-)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh Yeah, I'm Stylin'

I chose the fabric for my dress because it was very lightweight and light colored, thinking that it would be cooler than a darker color. Now, after seeing photos of myself, I wish that I had chosen the color of dirt, rocks or grass so that I would blend more into my surroundings.

I am quite proud of the fact that I was rebellious and wore a hat as opposed to a bonnet. I had far less sun than anyone else, besides it was the only thing that put me close to cool and for an old fat woman that means a lot!

The thing that I am really freaking out about with a lot of my photographs is that I had a spot on my lens that I obviously couldn't see. I don't have the time or inclination to sit in front of Photoshop for the amount of time it would take to fix it all.

That's my baby on the right! They didn't drop the girl!

I did end up with some nice shots!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pioneer Trek

Okay so.......

The Trek part of the trip was a very spiritual and moving experience. We had 3 days of amazing (for the most part) One of the young women in Kyle's "family" got dehydrated on the long trek day, so they didn't attend the fireside where the kids were presented with letters from home that told them how much their parents loved them.

Here is the family photo - I know I look like YUCK!

There are other stories to come......

but this is how I looked at the end.

and I still feel this way!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What the HECK was I thinking?!?!?!?!

Tomorrow at 8am along with my family and about 159,000 other folks who live in the San Diego Stake (okay a bit of an exaggeration) I will board one of 3 buses, ride 24 hours to Wyoming and spend 3 days on a Pioneer trek. Then another 4 days running around Idaho & Utah with them participating in some heavily scheduled activities. Lava Hot Springs, tour of Univ. of Utah, Temple Square etc...

We will be all decked out in our Pioneer gear (first 3 days only, thankfully - I have rebelled and purchased a straw hat, because I DON'T see myself in a bonnet) and spend our days without cell phones, Internet, ipods or other mechanical items OH FUN no showers either for these 3 days!

2 months ago we had a dancing and games activity to prepare for the games/activities of the time period. As I walked around taking photos, I realized there were a few folks that being around for 2 hours was pushing my sanity limits how in the world will I make it a full week? Hot, sweaty, stinky, and tired (because let's face it I already am tired now thinking about it!) are not really conducive to being patient in the affliction of hanging out with some folks who live on my last nerve! Don't get me wrong, there are quite a few of these folks I can't wait to spend time with, and normally I am not a glass half empty kind of girl but dragging this out has really taxed me!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Does the Hands-Free law apply here?

Jake and I were coming home today from a movie. I took a route that I haven't taken in a while because I considered going to get yogurt (I restrained).

As we were coming up Alvarado road, the car in front of us slowed to almost a stop and I couldn't see why - the last time that happened as we came up that road a bicyclist had been hit by a car, so I was having some flashbacks.

I asked Jake if he could see someone on the other side of the car in front of us and he said "yeah, it is some lady in a wheelchair". "Really, a wheelchair?" "yep". It was actually the chair below.

Not only that - when the car in front of us went around her i could see that she was sort of swerving into the lane of traffic because she was yes - ON THE PHONE! She was in a hard right swerve so I passed her. As I looked in the rear view mirror, I saw her swerve hard left right in front of a huge truck that had been behind me and a car coming the other direction! Do you think that the law should apply to someone who doesn't even have fiberglass protecting their body when they cause an accident? Cuz she was an accident waiting to happen!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yes, I'm being judgemental...

I only saw about 5 seconds of a segment of Good Morning America this morning but I am reeling at what some parents are now trying to have added in schools!

Let's teach our "tweens" about abusive relationships, because surprisingly the "tweens" who are dating between the ages of 11 and 14 are more susceptible to being in abusive relationships. Really? What parent in their right mind allows a child of 11 to even 16 to freakin' date?

We have allowed schools to cut back on music, art, sports, and reduced (in some districts) the number of weighted advanced classes that our students can take. But now we should have adults that we know little to nothing about, teaching OUR children about abusive relationships?!! One school in our area has had four, FOUR teachers in the last 18 months arrested for having sexual relationships with their underage students! There is some education on abusive relationships for you!

What about teachers make them more qualified to impart relationship information to OUR children? This segment had a father whose daughter was murdered by her boyfriend. I do really and truly feel for the parents whose daughter died at the hands of her abusive boyfriend, but when they blamed the schools for not educating her on the dangers of abusive relationships it is obvious to me that they are just looking for a place to vent their own guilt and grief.

Maybe I would be doing the same thing if I were in the same position as these parents. I hope not.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

if you really need it that bad!

saturday was a BIG family outing!

we drove to l.a. to see my s-i-l in a play at her church. we were all so tired that we just crashed when we got home (around 7:30pm)

the next morning as we left for church, we noticed something was missing on our front porch. now let me say that i am not a regular plant killer, but we are having some issues with the type of plants vs. soil that we have in our little planter between the porch and the driveway. we also have a large pot with some ivy and a red dahlia (flower) that are thriving! sunday morning something was missing. the pot was still there, the ivy was still there but the dahlia had been removed! yes, someone who was either concerned with the state of my gardenias or had to get a flower for their girlfriend/boyfriend decided that they needed my pretty flower.

there are worse things they could have stolen!

P.S. I should clarify that the flower wasn't just picked it was removed completely - there is no evidence other than a dent in the soil that there was ever anything else there.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brutally Rebuffed

One of my favorite phrases from a great movie - Clueless

I went to check my pal's blog and see her widget showing the progression of her baby's development and was informed that I am not invited. This is the second person whose blog I would check on daily but no longer am welcome.


Cell Phone Etiquette

Call me crazy!

While I appreciate the convenience of a cell phone, I think it is a shame that we don't have an Emily Post etiquette guideline for the usage of the device. I KNOW I am not the first person to complain about it but I have had two folks in my car in the last month who have gotten calls on their cell while we were driving and actually taking the CALL instead of waiting to answer, or answering and offering to call the person back - they have held a conversation that lasted the duration of the drive!!

What did I do while these two conversations took place? I turned the radio down, so they could carry a conversation with the friends on the other end of the call and I drove these rude, ungrateful, obviously clueless acquaintances to their destination! Without uttering a word. One girl's call got cut short when the person she was speaking to got another call (she was actually offended that they took the other call!) The other actually stepped out of the car and walked off without saying 'goodbye' to me at all!

So here you have:

The New "Emily Post" (Ann Batson) Rules of Cell Phone Etiquette

1. If you receive a call from a "friend" while you are in the midst of previously made plans with another "friend", and you feel you must answer the call, choose to offer to call them back at the end of the evening.
2. When you are at a movie, sporting event, church service (of any type) or family dinner. Absolutely do not text your pals to see what they are doing. I promise that your family, friends, and church family will appreciate more having your undivided attention. (Surprisingly, you may end up enjoying yourself and actually learn something important)
3. If at all possible end your conversation before you hit the checkout at the grocery store, gas station, 7-11. NO ONE, least of all the others in line or the girl/guy behind the counter care about your date last night, most recent break up or why you and your family aren't getting along. (hint - it may have something to do with the cell phone that is permanently attached to your hand)

Anyone else want to contribute?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I just don't know.....

Maybe I do need glasses.

Last week my son and I were walking up an aisle in Costco and there was a woman at the end of the aisle who was sort of waiving her arms and being silly. I just thought she was being funny for the friends she was with until they got about 6 feet away from us and I realized she was waiving at me! I know her from the PHHS Football Boosters, I was so embarrassed that it took so long for me to realize who she was that I know I was acting like I was dazed!


Just now, I was reading an article about cautionary tale Amy Winehouse (I don't know if I'd recognize a song of hers if it played 24 hours a day - but I enjoyed the 12 days of Amy Winehouse I heard last Christmas). Anyhoo, the last sentence of the article stated that she had been taken to a London hospital after fainting at her home. Fainting Ann, not FARTING!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Golden Spoon!!

Did I talk much about the PHHS football boosters from last year?

Membership is small - but we raised some cash for the football team. This year we are getting a head start on our fundraisers and have a Golden Spoon day where we get 30% of all sales when folks bring in this coupon all day Saturday June 21st!

Come on by if you're local! It is for a good cause and the yogurt there is unbeatable!

Visit our Booster website for the flyer!

**I must add this tiny little thing**
I organized this fundraiser, but I didn't design the flyer. I really like the girl who made it but she isn't a designer. I should have just asked Doug!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Talented Friends

I should have given some earlier credit to my friend Autumn (the friend who took the V.O. class with me).

Autumn is an actor/model/photographer and she is also one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet! Her husband, Carey Scott, is an actor/director who is a childhood friend of my husband's. I think it was last year - okay 2006, Autumn was in a movie called "Hidden Secrets" directed by her husband. If you find the movie watch it! It is a good Christian movie (faith-based dramedy) with a good Christian theme. While you are watching it you will really enjoy Rhonda (Autumn) the hardest part for me is that Rhonda is so different from Autumn!

Why do I bring this up, other than to give some much deserved credit to my friends? I think we should always support entertainment that is uplifting and supportive of values that we hold dear. It happens so seldom now.

reading too much!

I should have become a book editor, or a book reviewer! Yeah that would be so much better! I can't think of a better life than being FREAKIN PAID to read books!

The absolute best parts about the Harry Potter books? The fact that there are now youth books being published that have substance, well developed characters and interesting stories. AND that I can recommend books to my children, friends children, friends and anyone else who might have the diverse reading tastes that I have without worrying that they will trip over explicit dialogue or scenes. (do still love me some Stephen King though)

I have started my second non-fiction since college The World is Flat and it is so interesting!

I love to read!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last V.O. Class

Well it actually ended two weeks ago, but I hate the way I look in the photos so much I have been hesitant to post them! But here you go....... from left to right. Jennifer, Autumn (my pal), Chris, me, Bill Griffith, Dru Scott.
I really enjoyed this class so very much, I wish I had taken it like 10 years ago!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Critical P.S.A.

I am having a spazzy day!

I can't figure out how to put this youtube video here like I did with the Mitt Romney video.

However it is so important that I will post the link.

Please watch this!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

We have a baby!

Okay so I didn't deliver the extra weight that most folks mistake for pregnancy, and there are no infants at my house.

BUT! At work, one of the fish in our tank finally spit out the hatched eggs and we have a cute little baby fish! Joe says that the other fish will probably eat him eventually but for now we have a baby that I will dub Marlin.

OOOOOH and while the fish tank guy was here cleaning the tank a HUGE cockroach crawled out from under our office sofa! This guy was over 2 inches long and had I not been on speaker with a REIT vendor I am sure I would have screamed! As it is - my feet haven't touched the ground for about 20 minutes (they are on the roller legs of my chair, I hope I don't have to go to the bathroom soon ;-)

Friday, April 25, 2008

la la la la la!

Okay, so the second v.o. class last Tuesday night was sooooo much better! First of all my friend Autumn was there wahoo! Second, the condescending girl was much nicer. Third, The condescending girl thought I was younger than her. When I asked her how old she was she said 35! Every time I think of it I want to dance around the room like I am 12. (maybe that is why people always think I am so much younger than I am, because they can't believe anyone as old as I am could behave so immaturely)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

voice over

so, i have wanted to take this voice over class ever since i heard about it when my son took a commercial acting class almost 5 years ago.

tonight was the first class, and my friend autumn was not there because she was sick which made me nervous!! there was one other girl and two guys. we were given a commercial to read in the studio behind a big microphone (a little intimidating i must say) i made the mistake of asking the other girl if she was nervous. she looked at me in a bit of a condesending way and said no why are you? i admit i said i was a little. STUPID! it only makes it worse.

she went first and to make my nerves worse the sound guy said 'i love your voice' to her and she did have a beautiful sexy husky voice. the next guy had a perfect radio voice deep smooth and even. the next guy was spot on really nice voice the kind you can imagine hearing on tv. and then there was me........ let me tell you this: no one in my entire life has ever told me that i have even a nice voice and i hate, hate, hate the way that i sound i have an uneven tone and horrible breath control. you may ask why if i hate my sound so much why would i take this class. i am doing it because it sounded fun and i really wanted something for myself that nobody i know has done before.

i hope autumn is there with me next week. it is fun, but i had no idea that the folks there with me would be so professional sounding before we ever began!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Book Signing

Tonight our family went to our first book signing! (Doug can't remember if he has been to one before)

We drove up to Clairmont Mesa to Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore to see P.J. Haarsma, author of The Softwire Virus on Orbis One and The Softwire Betrayal on Orbis. Last year when Jake was in fifth grade at Rolando Elem. this author came to talk to the kids about his book. I am sure that it was publicized beforehand, but as is his way Jake didn't tell me a thing about it like that they could buy the book and get them signed etc... However, when he got home that day we had to go to the bookstore to get this book! P.J. was such a dynamic speaker that Jake recited his whole story and we both read the book which was wonderful! More exciting was that he had created an online game tie-in with the book.

For a year we have been anxiously awaiting the publication of the second in the series and the day finally came last week when we got the second book. I found out about tonight's book signing from P.J. himself - I am quite a fan! Partially from enjoying the book, but mostly because he sparked something in my son that I thought he'd never have, an enjoyment from books. Between the first and second of the Softwire books Jake has read all of The Lord of the Rings books, all Harry Potter, and various other books.

The book signing was fun, I just so wish that we had invited more people! There were a total of 6 people there (including my family of 4 - not including the 2 employees). I think P.J. was happy to have a kid there (Jake). Can I say though that I like the guy more now because he was personable, kind and very entertaining, so much so that Kyle now wants to read the book! This guy is awesome!

Monday, March 31, 2008

No Love Connection

Well, there wasn't a love connection, but apparently the date was fine.

She said he was really nice and she that they had fun but that is the end of it all. I think it was a good thing though, sometimes just going out for a little fun makes you feel good.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Blind date anyone??

The only blind date I ever went on was a set up by my mother when I was 14 (what was she thinking!?) His name was Brock and he was 18 (no really what was she thinking?) I will never forget her talking about how cute he was and how if she were younger she'd date him blah, blah, blah...


So, you can imagine my hesitation at the fact that I am setting up someone on a blind date. I met this guy at a church youth basketball game. He's 25, she is 24 (much more age appropriate than my own experience) I thought he was kind of cute but the thing that struck me most was how beautiful and kind his eyes were and if this girl needs anything it is a kind man to go on a date with.

Please tell me I am not stupid for setting up a blind date. Let me know that somewhere out there, someone has had a good blind date experience!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Because I love you all! Watch Pink 5.

This isn't new, but I 'rediscovered' it this weekend and I believe it bears repeating!

AtomFilms: Pink Five

Friday, February 22, 2008

Church Sports


Last night I went to a young men's basketball game at one of our local meetinghouses. Before the game began the Athletic director for the 'other' area called everyone around for the rules.

1. No cursing - your first swear will get you ejected from the game, your second will get you banned from future church ball.
2. No yelling at the refs. they are volunteering and although they don't walk on water neither do you, so let's be understanding.

"Now let's say a prayer and have a good time!"

A prayer was said and the game began. I have known and previously held this athletic director in some esteem and he asked if I would be willing to keep records in the book (fun!). So I sat up on the stage beside this man (AD) and the scoreboard keeper.

The game started off badly for our team 3 minutes in and we were down 11-0 despite the fact that the teams appeared to be pretty evenly matched. Both had 2 players who were okay and 3 that were obviously beginners, but the other team had 8 players and we only had 5 - no subs. Both teams appear to be enjoying themselves. They even know each other, some more than others. Our team began to catch up, and I noticed that Mr. Athletic director was getting a little antsy in his seat. Then he began to mutter; similar to the muttering of folks with no one to talk to but themselves. He got a little louder "that was a foul, I can't believe they didn't call that. what are those guys doing out there? are you kidding me? WHAT! THAT WAS A FOUL!"

ref: "no foul"

AD: "Oh yeah, his head just got knocked across the room but there was no foul!"

ref:"Athletic Director - I don't want to hear anything else from you!"

AD (under his breath): "I can't believe this"

I should state 2 things here, First - our team has caught up and the score is around 19-17. Second - the person he thought had fouled his team was my son who is about a foot and a half taller than the opposing player and the other kid was ducking in anticipation of my son's arm above his head but really, I mean, it no contact had been made.


Athletic Director has gone down to the court to show the players on his team (I have since discovered that those boys are from his congregation) what they need to do to get by our boys. He also is voicing his concerns to the coach and players that the refs are calling fouls on them and not our boys he can't believe how unfair it is!

- Resume game-

AD (to me): "We won't have this again."

Me: "What are you talking about?"

AD: "Well the refs are from your area and obviously showing favoritism to your team."


Me: "AD, you can't really think that they are doing that. The refs may be from our area, but they don't know these boys. Both teams look pretty evenly matched."

AD: "No they..." "HEY WAIT! IF HE IS GOING TO DO THAT AND THEY DON'T CALL IT JUST HIT HIM!" "No way, your guys are playing dirty."

(I have seen dirty ball this was so far from it we are veering into the ridiculous here.)

One of our players who I don't think had played a game before 2 weeks ago was standing at exactly the right place at the right time and as the other team made a bad pass he took the ball and turned, deflecting the receiving player from the other team from getting the ball. It was so sweet especially since I am certain he had no idea what he had done!

AD: "Your player can't do that. He just grabbed the ball from our player"

Me: "AD, the other guy was passing it and he intercepted the ball"

My husband meantime is quietly moving our player's parent down a little farther because he is getting steamed and ready to pounce on AD.

There are 45 seconds left in the game. We are up by 2, they have the ball.


No score for their team. We have the ball back one of the 2 players on our team who knows what a backboard looks like drives back down and as he is going up for the shot they foul him. It is strategy, no big deal. He makes one of the two shots. We win by 3 points. AD is completely red in the face and puffing, muttering "We won't have this again!"

I of course BOLT from my seat and head across the court to gossip about it to someone I just saw walk in!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


about 2 years ago my sons were 12 &10 at the time. i realized that my whole life i never knew that i was grammatically incorrect to respond to the phrase "Would you behave?" by saying "I'm being have!"(long a sound in the have).

should i be embarrassed?

Monday, February 4, 2008

i hate being sick!

this morning was the first time i left my house since i went home friday at lunch!

i was feeling a little better when i woke up. not better enough to actually work out, but better enough to get in the shower. so i showered, got dressed let doug take the kids to school and made it to work by 7am! now, aunt flo decided to come for a 2nd visit within a 2 week period (hehe). but i wasn't feeling her pain until i arrived here, so i asked doug to bring me some pain pills. when he arrived i found the pills i needed in my purse. (i am sure i looked there before i called him!) now i have flo undercontrol, if only i could breathe!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

over 20 years ago i joined a faith that was different from the one my family was affiliated with. it was initially a bit of a struggle but over the years, i believe that my family (even if they don't understand it) see that i am a good person, with a good family, with good morals, a belief in God.

not long after joining this church i saw a man speak to the entire church during an October general conference for the entire worldwide orgaization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. it was Gordon B. Hinkley. i was so moved by his spirit, the love that he emulated and the twinkle he had in his eye. he passed away on Sunday and was reunited with his lovely wife, i will miss the spirit that he shared with us all.

glenn beck, also a member of our faith shared his tribute to President Hinkley. i recommed viewing it and then if you are still interested in what he has to say check this video out - it is glenn and his family's journey to their faith very captivating!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prank Call from Mitt Romney's son

You gotta love your kids! This is great!

omg my bff jill!

i am soooooooo freakin' old!
i feel comfortable in the thought that my generation created the "bff" i will give credit to gen 'y' for omg, tptb, imho, dh, many others that i don't need to detail here, but friends.......
back in the ancient year of 1976 red m&ms were taken from us. ripped from our sweaty childhood hands because it was feared that they would cause cancer (red dye #2) not to be given back for almost 10 years! we had to live with yellow, orange, dark brown, light brown (yes light brown) and green hehehehehe and green m&ms meant the same thing then that they do now. i will give my generation credit for that too!
here are more wonderful tidbits:
1. i am old enough to have had black & white photos from a studio (i don't know if they were cheaper, or if color film was in short supply but all my friends had b&w baby photos too)
2. neither me nor my sisters had disposable diapers used on us. I think they may have been around when my youngest sister was born, but my mom liked to torture me (this is a whole nother story for a whole nother time)
3. when our school teachers brought tests to us they had been mimeographed not XEROXed! we used to smell them as soon as they were put on our desks (if you wanted a real good high, you volunteered to pick them up from the office, so you could smell the whole stack on the way back to class)
4. oh, and the ink on the mimeograph was blue.
5. mcdonald's and burger king were the only fast food restaurants in town and we still fought over where to go - right jennifer? stupid burger king.
6. if you bought a tootsie pop and there was a star on the wrapper, the guy at the food town (small town 7-11) would give you a free one. (i remember one summer i almost didn't have to pay for tootsie pops!)
7. there are many more (you all have gotten the emails forwards)
8. which brings me to the last thing on my list - those email forwards that tell you how you really don't love god if you don't send this one along and you dog will die if you don't send it to 20 friends in 20 minutes. i remember getting actual chain letters (google it)

red m&ms

those who remember that we lived for 10 years without red m&ms will totally feel my pain!

last night at the youth activity, i was talking to my friend justyn who is getting ready to take her nurses test after which she will go to work in the er at sharp grossmont hospital. i got very excited since one of my favorite nurses from my old job works there now and i said 'oh, have you met dan davis? i love him! he is such a nice guy and he is so sweet' blah, blah, blah......

justyn then jumps on my bandwagon 'oh yeah, he is great! he's one of those older male nurses who is always helpful and he is a flirt but he is so sweet, you know how those sweet older guys are. he is you know in his late 40's.'

yes justyn, i know he is about 5 years older than me.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

when you gotta go....

so, they are totally remodeling the office building where i work and monday was the day for the bathrooms to be torn apart. one of the building owners had arranged that we could use the restrooms at the bar across the parking lot, but that is just embarrassing!

now what is the first thing you think when you are told you can't use the bathroom?? i tried to go for as long as i could before i left for work monday morning but all i could think about was 'i've got to pee!' thankfully one of the workers walked into my office about an hour and a half after i got there to let me know that he hadn't turned the water off and i could use the bathroom if i needed to!!!! wahoo!!!

normally i use the middle stall - i don't know why except the last one has a broken door latch and the first is always like too close to the exit door whatever - anyway i walked into the middle stall and lifted the lid to find the worst! you know a clogged toilet full of poo and wadded up toilet paper! gross!! now here is the dilemma - the toilet is plugged, i can't plunge it even if i want to because there is no plunger.
but when i finish peeing in the toilet by the door, some guy is going to come in there and open that toilet and think i did that! but if i mention it he will think i did it and if i don't mention it he will think i was embarrassed and did it! but if i mention it he will think i did it...... you see where i am going with this it was a vicious circle. in the end (pun intended) i opted to let him know it wasn't me he probably thought 'yeah right' but that was the way i went.

since they had torn out the men's room they let the guys use the ladies room too and i heard one of the guys across the hall saying rather loudly 'I DIDN'T USE THAT MIDDLE ONE!'

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

for jennifer

because i love my sister even though she labors under the delusion that i am as crafty as she is and that i will be as diligent as she is about making cards.